Cooking With Lamb- by Lamb and Mutton South Africa

South African lamb and mutton meat is what nature intended meat to be. Free of added hormones, fed purely off the land, high in nutrients often lacking in the modern diet, delicious and easy to prepare! What more can one want from meat!

Lamb and Mutton South Africa, with the support of the entire South African red meat industry, is responsible for consumer education on lamb and mutton meat, to make sure it’s full potential is realised by all consumers.

Here on the “Cooking with Lamb” website we will do our very best to keep you informed and updated on everything you need to know about South African lamb and mutton meat. This is also your one-stop-(free)-lamb-recipe-shop where we will direct you to the best lamb recipes the world’s chefs, food bloggers and food fanatics have to offer.

Our blog features “The Three Little Lambs”, John, Nicolette and Emma Hall, who will be setting out to scout the best lamb and mutton dishes in South Africa, from restaurants to food markets. Another blog feature “Lambs cooking mutton” will be showing how two young lamb bloggers, Marina and Lizanne, makes those intimidating classic lamb dishes easy with a modern twist

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