5 Tips for the perfect #LambBraai (for the non-braaimasters!)


By Marina Bester

How would you describe “the smell” of a South African December holiday? To me it’s a combination of coconuts (sunscreen), citronella oil (for the mozzies) AND a burning wood fire reporting for “braai” duty! I know every family or group of friends has that self-proclaimed “Braaimaster” but herewith some tips worth remembering, just in case you are not that person and you have to take the reins on the odd occasion!


1. Timing is everything when it comes to braaiing, but sometimes even the best braai masters can get it wrong! Keep your lamb chops from drying out while you wait by placing them on a bed of fried onions.


2. Lamb Loin Chops and Lamb Leg Chops (Chump chops) must be treated with the same respect as any steak, braai them quickly over hot coals to keep them juicy and full of flavour.


3. For succulent and tender lamb riblets, smother them in lemon juice and pre-cook them in
the oven for 60 minutes @ 180 degrees Celsius.


4.  Let your lamb chop tell you when it’s ready to be turned- when it doesn’t stick to the grid anymore! Then turn and rotate it 45 degrees  to get those fancy criss-cross grid marks.


5. Stuff rosemary between some skewered loin chops to infuse some flavour into the meat
while you crisp up the fat.

Lamb Mutton