Cooking With Lamb

Mogau Seshoene (The Lazy Makoti)

Mogau Seshoene founded The Lazy Makoti in 2014 after leaving the corporate world to focus on her love for food, and on preserving South African cuisine and heritage. What began as lessons for a friend, a bride-to-be who was afraid of being labelled “The Lazy Makoti” (the lazy daughter-in-law) because she couldn’t cook, has evolved into a business. Mogau has since been included on the M&G top 200 Young SA list (2015) and hosted a season of a TV show entitled Cooks For Life on which she demonstrated easier and healthier ways to prepare African and South African cuisine.

In 2016 she obtained a Culinary Arts qualification from the Chefs Training and Innovation Academy and completed the industry training under Chef Werner at The Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg. In the same year,  she took part in the Mandela Washington Fellowship  for Young African Leaders at the University of Wisconsin, Stout, in the US and made the Forbes Africa 30 under 30s list. Mogau is also one of the Brand South Africa’s Play your Part ambassadors.

Through The Lazy Makoti, she hosts a series of cooking classes targeted at young, modern Afropolitans who have a keen interest in learning to navigate the kitchen with ease and flair. She is also a contributing food editor for the weekly newspaper, Sunday World.

Mogau’s debut cookbook, The Lazy Makoti’s Guide to the Kitchen has been a roaring success, reaching best seller status and going on a 4th reprint. The cookbook was also selected for the Gourmand cookbook awards in two categories: First cookbook and Best Photography.

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About Chef Naledi

Having grown up in the idyllic, rural Botswana, this did not deter her from pursuing her passion and dream in culinary in South Africa. Chef Naledi, a graduate of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and HTA School of Culinary Arts, has chosen to take a route less chosen by many of her counterparts.

Her passion for imparting cooking skills and knowledge to others saw her domestic worker, whose cooking skills needed a total overhaul, improving dramatically to be commended by friends and family in equal measure. She saw an opportunity to expand, from running an events and catering business, and introduced cooking lessons that specifically target domestic workers, who are the heartbeat and engines that keep any family intact and going. These classes became a hot property that she expanded them to Gaborone, Botswana, where they are held bi-monthly. She continues to empower those in less privileged communities through skills training and motivational talks. Chef Naledi has also consulted for big and well-known brands such as CoFi (a South African restaurant franchise) and Rakops River Lodge, in Rakops, Botswana, where she did menu consultation and staff training.

Come and see Chef Naledi in action at events where Lamb and Mutton SA is a sponsor. 

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'Meat' our Lambassadors...


About Ilse van der merwe aka the food fox

A true enthusiast of the culinary world and all of it’s magical chambers. Eating great food makes her happy, cooking is her favourite way of spending her hours, writing about food is something that comes naturally and talking about food fills her with passion. She is our absolute favourite South African food blogger, she is The Food Fox! 

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About Aneesa aka aniseed

If there's one thing that I love the most it's being creative, being imaginative, mixing flavours, colours, ingredients to orchestrate a symphony on a plate.

Cooking is best described as an extension of love through sharing. I grew up in a household where food was celebrated and that undeniably developed my passion for the love and magic it holds. I enjoy pottering about my kitchen and browsing through my treasured hand-written recipes; some of which were passed down to me by my mother: my culinary teacher and mentor

That love and respect I hold is reflected in the culinary evolution that is born with every new idea and dish that I create. Meal times offer opportunity to experiment, a passion that is nurtured and supported by my husband who encourages my creativity in everything that I do.

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About the bearded chef

Family man and trained chef John Hall invites you into his beautiful South African farm house kitchen to show you how he cooks delicious wholesome family meals with lamb and mutton meat. Ranging from old favourites to brand new innovative creations, he will have your mouths watering in seconds with these short and sweet glimpses into his kitchen. Here's what he has to say about his cooking philosophy:

"I'm very intrigued by cultures and flavours used around the world. Most of my inspiration comes from pure curiosity. Cooking allows me to translate my personality onto a plate. I love to experiment with combinations of flavours from different cultures, hoping to come up with something amazing!

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